My services

Research, Training and Workshops

My work has been very diverse and tailored to fit individual schools, teachers, universities, community groups, mosques, service providers and wider organisations. With a repertoire of eclectic skills reflected in the range of institutions I have provided consultancy for. Driven with a dual passion for providing strategic guidance, facilitating implementation of proposals at all levels and connecting to promote understanding and learning. An enthusiastic and self-confessed addiction to learning means anyone considering working with me is invited to get in touch, discuss their priorities and explore possibilities. Opportunities to collaborate internationally are of particular interest.


  • International educational research
  • Raising achievement in English and literacy across the curriculum in schools
  • ‘Closing the Gap’ and supporting NEETs through teaching and learning training and coaching in schools, universities and communities.
  • Promoting social cohesion with community organisations, universities and schools.

The above supports the Government’s Teaching and Learning agenda, revised Ofsted, Closing the Gaps programmes for, disadvantaged, particularly NEETs, Black and minority ethnic and gifted and talented pupils.

My work includes the following related areas


  • Writing/editing books
  • Making documentary films
  • TV presenter, researcher, producer
  • Devising exhibitions
  • School Data analysis re Data dashboard, RAISEonline, PANDA, School Self Evaluation for inspection preparation
  • Analysis of Equal Opportunities re revised Ofsted and school SEF
  • Developing teaching and learning across the curriculum
  • Focused support in English dept planning/teaching/assessment
  • English exam coaching for students
  • Developing literacy across the curriculum
  • Action/attitudinal research development
  • Needs analysis
  • Bid writing
  • Raising achievement in the school, university, mosque, community base
  • Pupil Voice
  • Personal development programmes using Counselling/NLP techniques to empower pupils
  • Coaching in schools, universities and community organisations
  • Building links and between a cross-section of organisations/service providers
  • Capacity building

Group Size

Varied but has included

  • Individual pupil’s
  • Whole class teaching
  • Whole staff/organisation groups
  • Clusters and networks
  • Teaching and Learning groups in universities, schools, mosques, community groups
  • Senior leadership groups
  • Middle leadership groups
  • Departments across the curriculum
  • Individual teachers/ mosque volunteers
  • Muslim parent groups
  • NQTs
  • Trainee graduate teachers


Timescales and types of training are well and truly bespoke.


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